3 Trusted Online Stores To Buy Mobile Phones in Nigeria

Are you looking for online stores to by mobile phones in nigeria?

I will give you the list of trusted e-commerce website or app you can buy phones here in Nigeria and get your phone delivered to you.

Online stores to buy mobile phone

With the conviency that comes with shopping online, people are now buying smartphone online this days.

The flexibility you enjoy when you order phone online is just too much.

Imagine getting your phone delivered to your location after few clicks from the comfort of your home.


Like other nigerians, I know you love easy processes too. Isn’t it?

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But the problem many people face is the fear of getting scammed online.

I believe you have this fear in you, that is why you need a legit place to buy phones.

3 legit online stores to buy mobile phone in Nigeria

These platforms below have been in existence for long and they can be trusted as well.

1) Jumia

Jumia made the first list because it is just like the amozon of Nigeria.

Apart from the fact that Jumia can be trusted, they also sell with great discount.

You can order phone on Jumia and get it delivered to you within a short period of time. (you can check their delivery time on their website)

Jumia is a marketplace with a lot of sellers, even the likes of itel and  other reputable brands are vendors on Jumia.

Since Jumia is an Online store with many categories ranging from grocery, electronics to fashion etc, you will need to navigate to smartphone category in order to see the phones available.

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You can also use the search bar on Jumia to search for the phone you want to order.

One of the best thing I love about buying phone on Jumia is the seven day return policy.

2) Konga

Second on the list is Konga. It’s kind of similar to Jumia in operation.

The reason why Jumia made the number one list instead of Konga is because Jumia is more popular than Konga this days.

However, Konga is also a large online marketplace to buy phone in Nigeria.

Just like on Jumia, you will need to navigate to the smartphone category to see the list of phones available.

Better still, you can search the site for the phone you want to buy.

Just like Jumia, Konga also have a return policy, you can actually get your money back if a wrong product is delivered.

3) Slot NG

Slot NG is popularly known for fast phone swapping.

However, Slot NG is also into mobile phone repair and sales of smartphones.

They have stores in many places across the country and mostly in ShopRite Shopping Malls.

You can trust Slot NG when it comes to buying quality smartphone at affordable rate.

I push Slot NG to number 3 on the list because their store is not regularly updated.


Nigerians hardly buy things online, mostly due to trust issues.

However, I have listed the three trusted online stores to buy mobile Phones in Nigeria above in this post.

There are many online stores to buy mobile phones here in Nigeria but those are the most trusted due to their reputation.

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