5 Productive Things to Do on Your Phone

People tend to spend most of their time with their smartphones.

But, it is pathetic that most smartphone users don’t know how to be more productive with their smartphones.

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Mobile phone should be a tool for you to be more productive and not otherwise.

Today, we are going to discuss 5 Productive Things to Do on Your Phone.

I hope after reading this article, you should have a knowledge of how to use your phone productively.

Without waisting your time, let us delve into the full details.

1. Learn a digital skill

Do you actually know that you can learn some digital skills that are worthy of transforming your life?

Since our smartphone is always with us almost all the time, you have better chances of learning and perfecting a digital skill faster if you choose to learn on mobile.

Some of the profitable digital skills you can learn using your phone are; graphic design, copywriting etc

Whenever you are idle and less busy, just go online and learn something new.

2. Read ebooks in your career

I believe you already have an area of specialization, explore your career and learn something new all the time using your smartphone.

You will be surprised to see how productive you will become if you start reading on your phone from now on.

3. Explore to-do list

If you want to be more productive then plan for later whenever you are less busy.

That is why having a to-do list on your smartphone is very important.

You can use your phone to document the things you need to get done.

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4. Jot down ideas in a note

Most pretty ideas always pop-up on our minds when we are less busy.

Since you are always with your smartphone, never let go an idea when it drop on your mind.

Alway jot ideas down when you are with your smartphone.

5. Learn new english words

You can improve your public speaking skill by learning new vocabularies using your smartphone.

Google is your friend, google new english words and know their meanings and how to pronounce them correctly.


We have discussed the 5 Productive Things to Do on Your Phone most especially when you are less busy.

I hope you find this information helpful?

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