About Libra Cfa

About Us

About Us

Hello, my name is Libra Cfa, Birth Name “Nwosu Peace Chinazam” .

I’m a Graphics Designer, blogger, PR, Digital Marketer, Web developer and an Seo Expert (I hope I haven’t forgotten something because I do a lot of things) .

I’ve been in the digital space for over 10 years, exploring and looking for solutions to everyday human life.

Libracfa.com is my personal blog, where I talk about things I know and have indepth experience in.

I own entmediahub , an entertainment platform, which is my first ever professional blog created in 2017.

However, Entmediahub was created after my messing around with free platforms like wapka, blogspot, WordPress, just to mention a few.

My aim with this platform is to be of as much help as possible the I can be with my experience and knowledge in every field I am a literate in.

I am on all social platforms as @Queenlibra_cfa , do well to linkup and follow me.


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