Android vs iPhone differences and similarities

We are going to compare Android vs iPhone here in this post.

Do you want to know the right phone to choose out of iphone and android? Just make sure you read this post till the end.

iPhone vs android

You should be able to make the right choice between iPhone and Android after going through this comparison.

To be sincere with you, I won’t be biased in my comparison.

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Both iPhone and Android almost have similar features and functions.

But wait…

I don’t mean they are not different. Take note of the word “almost.”

Key differences between iPhone and Android

Android is an operating system developed by google.

Google stick with Pixel phones and give the likes of samsong, oppo, sonny etc opportunity to use it operating system (android) on their hardware.

However, iOS is an operating system designed by Apple and iPhone run on it.

Talking about the flexibility of customization, Android phones can easily be customized using external launchers.

iPhone is more or less a premium product because it is designed with storming features which made it so costly.

iPhone is a smart choice for the rich and people that care for premium products.

However, android has both less and high priced phones.

With android, you have many options to choose from.

Even if you’re not rich, you can afford an Android phone and if you are rich too, we have the likes of samson which have high priced android phone with premium features similar to iPhone.

Android apps can be downloaded on playstore while iPhone apps get downloaded on app store instead.

Most great Google products are mostly in-built on Android phones e.g, Google search, Gmail, Chrome etc.

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I personally love Google products and you can go with Android if you love their products too.

Moreover, iPhones often get software updates quicker than many Android phones which has great effects on performance and security.

iPhone give more edge when it comes to privacy. iPhone doesn’t track your data to target personalized advertisement like Google.

Similarities between Iphone and android

iPhone and android are features are similar.

You can use both of them to make calls, send text messages, browse the internet, install apps and many more.


iPhone vs android phone has being a topic people debate over over the years.

However, I just break down the comparison above in this article, and I believe you too can testify.

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