How to avoid losing your smartphone

How can I avoid losing my phone? This is a serious question that people ask often.

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Smartphones has became part of our life this days.

From files, contact, and data storage to entertainment.

Smartphone provide comfort and assistance which makes it so valuable for us to lose.

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To be sincere, losing a smartphone is very painful.


What if I tell you that you can actually take some preventive measures to avoid losing your phone.

I know mistake have no master, that is why people misplace their smartphone.

But you can try these tips to avoid it.

Please get me right.

Practicing this tips does not totally guarantee that you won’t lose your phone if you are careless.

My advice for you is to be very careful.

Carefulness matters.

Tips to avoid losing your smartphone

Without wasting time, let us look at the tips and measures to avoid losing your smartphone.

1) Don’t place your phone on the table in restaurants.

If you are in the restaurant, please always hold your phone or put it inside your bag.

You can easily forget your phone after eating in the restaurant.

2) Don’t go out with 3 phones or more

You can concentrate better when you go out with one smartphone.

If you can do it, go out with only one smartphone.

3) Don’t charge your phone in public places

Due to lack of stable electricity supply, many people make it a habit to charge in public places.

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When I said public places, I mean places where many people charge there phones. E.g, lecture hall, fueling station etc

Public places are not secure, your phone can be easily stolen.


We have considered the salient tips to avoid losing your smartphone.

Kindly take note of these tips we have mentioned.

Losing your smartphone is painful.

But in case you lose your phone, and you connect it to your bank (mobile banking) kindly disable your bank account for sometimes in other to keep your fund save.

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