How to browse faster with 2g or 3g network

Are you using a smartphone with 2G or 3G connection?

Or you maybe staying in a place with low network coverage.

I will guide you on how to speed up your internet connection here in this post.

I know it is so disgusting when you want to browse the internet and it get slow like snail.

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To be sincere, it has happened to me before, and I know how painful it can be.

How to speed up your internet connection.

These tips below will help you speed up your browsing experience.

You can try all or do the ones you can.

And in the end, do the ones that work for you

1) Get a router/Mifi device

A Mifi device will boost your internet connection.

Almost all the network providers have a Mifi device.

Get one and start browsing faster.

Let me tell you why using a Mifi device makes your internet connection faster.

Most Mifi device are 4G enabled and it will help you bridge the gap.

2) Use a lightweight browser

Do you know that the browser you are using can also impact the speed of your connection?

Many browser load too slow for 2G and 3G smartphones.

I will recommend chrome and opera mini.

Better still, try changing your current browser and experiment with the browsers out there.

3) Get a 4G above enabled smartphone

This will you help a lot. Try buying another smartphone that has 4G feature.

Or borrow a 4G enabled smartphone from friends and family and connect there wifi.

I have tried it and it works.

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4) Update your browser

Try updating your browser to the latest version.

Outdated browsers can make your browsing slow.


To be sincere, slow internet connection is very painful.

These tips above can help you browser faster.

Consider practicing these tips and you will thank me later.

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