How to buy smartphone online without getting scammed

E-commerce has come to stay in Nigeria, but there is one hindrance to it growth which is lack of trust.

I don’t actually blame you if you are scared of paying for smartphone online because of the touching stories of people that are getting scammed online every day.

Just imagine how easy it will have be when you can order phone online from the comfort of your home and get it delivered to you.

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Today, I will reveal how you can actually buy smartphone online without getting scammed.

Below are the tips that can help you to avoid getting scammed while buying phone Online.

1. Use cash on delivery

One of the most secure method of buying physical goods online is to pay for the goods when it gets delivered to you.

With this method, you will hardly get scammed because you are already holding the goods you want to pay for.

2 Use escrow platforms

It is also important to involve a third party platform if you want to buy the smartphone from someone online.

This is how escrow platforms works.

Instead of paying directly to the seller which may  run away with your hard earned money, you will pay to any trusted third party platform which will hold and release the money to the seller when the buyer has received the goods in good a condition.

3. Don’t fall for extremely cheap offers.

If you are a kind of person that easily get interested in extremely cheap offers then you need to change.

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If an offer look too cheap to be real then maybe it is not real.

Take your time and verify why someone may be willing to offer too much discount.


We have considered the easy way to buy smartphone online without getting scammed.

I believe you have learned something great and helpful from this article today.

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