How to download YouTube videos to watch offline

Do you want to download YouTube videos to your device so that you can watch offline?

I will show you the step by step trick to download videos of youtube for free.

Streaming of videos on youtube is cool when you have internet connection, but what if you if you get disconnected? This is why you need to follow this guide to know how to know how to download YouTube videos for later.

Is really possible to download YouTube videos?

The right answer is yes.

The official way to get videos to enjoy offline is to use YouTube Premium subscription.

The download feature is for premium accounts.

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Once you upgrade to premium plan, the feature will be unlocked for you to download YouTube videos.

How to download YouTube videos without a Premium subscription

But wait…

Can you actually afford to pay for that youtube premium account?

If your answer is no, then there is a trick to download YouTube videos for free. I mean absolutely free of charge.

But the method provided by the apps I am going to show you are against youtube terms of service.

But if you are still ok with that then let us delve in.

The first method is to use if you are an Android users.

This website allows to download YouTube videos just by copying the video link into a text box. In which your video will be downloaded for free.

Alternatively, yu can simply add the letters ‘dl’ directly into the web address before (i.e.…) and you will  automatically be taken to TubeNinja to download the video.

Kindly note that you may get a ‘popup blocked’ message when you first click on download. Just click the ‘allow’ button and the video will be pulled down.

The second method is to use or download the app on playstore.

You will also need to copy and paste the YouTube video link in a text box just like the first method we discussed.

You can also edi the video link by add letter “Ss” before i.e and follow the steps to download your video.


We have discussed how to download YouTube videos to watch offline above in this post.

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