How to hide pictures on iPhone

Do you want to know how to hide pictures on iPhone?

Take a cup of coffee and let’s me work you through the step by step process.

Just scroll down!

iPhone 14 Reveals

iphone has a lot of useful features that you may not even know they exist.

And the funny part is that they can be so useful if you know how to use them.

Part of them is what I am about to guide you towards today.

iphone give you the opportunity to hide the pictures you don’t want to make accessable to people that may borrow your device.

I know you will like to keep some pictures private, that is why I am writing to guide you in achieving that.

Maybe you take some screenshots and you want to keep them secret or something else.

Somethings are just meant to be private, I know that too.
After all, privacy matters a lot.

Now, let us dive in…

Step by step guide on how to hide photos on iphone

Don’t skip any line agreed? If possible, hold your iphone and follow my guide as I work you through the process.

But if you are not with your iphone  right now, no problem anyways.

Ready? Below are the steps to hide pictures on iPhone.

# Step one…

Power on your phone. After all, we can’t operate the phone without powering it on. After you power on, then navigate to your gallery to locate the picture or pictures you want to hind.

Now, click on “Select” in the upper righthand corner, then click the picture or pictures to select.

# Step two

Kindly move to the bottom left corner of your iPhone screen and click the “Share” icon, a small box with an arrow pointing up inside it.

You don’t have to worry, selecting this icon will not automatically “share” your pictures.

# Step three

I hope you are following? If yes then let us continue.

Kindly scroll down past your share options and click “Hide”, it is marked by a eyeball symbol with a line going through it.

Let us continue to the next step. Don’t worry, we are going to the final step.

# Final step

When you click on the eyeball symbol/hide, click “Hide Photo” if prompt.

If you follow my step by step direction, then you have successfully make that image hidden.

The picture you hide can now be found in your “Hidden Album.”

You can view the picture by going to your photos and scrolling down to the “Utilities” section, and where it display “Hidden,” visualize by the same eyeball icon like the one you saw when hiding the picture.

Now click “Hidden” to see the hidden pictures on your iPhone.

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