How to hide videos on android phone

Do you want to know how to hide videos on android phone? This simple guide will work you through the process.

I have covered how to hide pictures on iPhone in my previous post.

Let’s talk little about why you might want to hide videos on your android devices.

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It is well known that most people have adult content on there phones  but that is not the only reason why you might want to know how to hide videos on android phone.

What meant to be private need to be locked and kept securely.

I know your phone is your personal property, but that doesn’t mean you should start hiding it from family and friends due to a video you don’t want them to watch.

I have the perfect solution for you.

Take note, I won’t waiste your time at all.

I have promised so let’s us go ahead.

I will be using Tecno pop 4 for this guide but you can use your own android phone too if it is supported.

Steps to hide/lock videos on android phone

Follow these simple guide below to know how to hide and lock videos on android phone.

# Step one

The first step is to locate the video you want to hide/lock.

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Now, look for “files” within your apps and click on it. Kindly check the screenshot below for directions.

How to hide videos on android phone

# Step two

Once you have click on the “files,” locate the video among the files then long press.

After that, click on the three dot by the right corner and select “move to save folder” from the options.

Then a screen to hide and secure the video with display.

Input a password you can remember and click “next”

If you follow the process, you have successfully hide the video.

To watch the video, kindly go back and click on “save folder” then input the password you entered earlier.

Check the screenshot below for directions.

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