How to know a fake iphone

With the rise of fake smartphones, I hope you will like to know how to know a fake iphone?

iPhone brand is known for quality products. But quality products always get pirated.

Purchasing an iphone with huge amount of money just to detect that it is not an original one is bad.

How to know fake iphone

It looks like being scammed by some dudes.

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In order not to fall victim, I will guide you on how to know a fake iphone.

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How to detect a fake iphone

I have put down few points for you to detect a genuine iphone.

1) Check the serial number or IMEI

Genuine iphone always have a serial number or IMEI.

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To check your  IMEI, kindly navigate to Settings, click on  “General” and tap “About.” Now, Scroll down until you see the IMEI number. (You can check out Apple Support Page to know where IMEI number can be located on various iPhone models).

If you buy an iPhone that have no IEMI or serial number, it might be a fake one.

2) Check the OS (Operating System)

iPhone run on a unique operating system.

Why some smartphones are powered by Android, iPhone runs iOS which is an operating system designed by Apple.

Try to locate “about” in the settings to locate the operating system.

If the operating system is not iOS, then I doubt if that iPhone is a genuine one.

3) Check for default apps

Another way to detect a fake iPhone is by checking if it come with some apps.

Try checking if the iPhone comes with some default apps such as Calculator, Health and Safari. If possible, try downloading few apps from the App Store.

4) Try to check Siri

When you want to buy an iPhone, kindly tell the seller to show you if Siri is working perfectly on the iPhone or not.

What is Siri? You may ask; It is a voice assistant that only works on Apple products.

If any iPhone does not come by default with Siri, the iPhone is probably fake.

5) Pay attention to the price

Try to visit 2 to 3 local stores or better still, check for the normal price of iPhone online.

Then compare the price with the one you want to purchase.

If the price is too low, you should be very careful.


We have break down some salient tips to know a fake iPhone.

I hope you can now detect a genuine iphone from the fake ones?

Another thing you need to take note is the storage, Fake iPhones
normally have an expandable storage.

If an iPhone supports a microD card slot, it is a fake one.

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