Is JLSCLeverads (JLS Advertising) legit – Review

JLSCLeverads Review

JLSCLeverads is an advert platform which maximize your income based on your website performance, with CPM rates or Fixed Fee.

It shows once a day to each visitor

JLS Advertising is one of the advert companies that have agents working for them and contacting website owners after analyzing your site and seeing you have huge traffic.

Because I get thousands of visitors daily, I was contacted and offered to advertise on my blog “entmediahub“.

Is JLS CLever ads legit

I had thought it was all a joke when I received an email from them as I thought they were some kind of [email protected] or [email protected] trying to have access to my website.

However, this was during my first year of venturing into blogging, I didn’t have much experience so in other to be safe, I ignored the email.

Not until years later a friend talked about it, I then decided to use it and it actually paid me.

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How JLS CLeverads works

They usually work with CPM and do monthly budget deals.

By working with a 1/24h frequency cap, each user of your website will only see their ad one time every 24h, and this also means you can promote other products/brands at the same time.

You will be sent a counter with the API link where they can follow the progression of the campaign (the number of impressions and your earnings).

How pays

JLSCLeverads do all of their payments by PayPal (no invoice is needed).

While their minimum threshold is $10 .

NOTE : This ad network is best for you if your visitors are more of Africans, mostly Nigeria & Ghana as their top advertisers are from their and only chooses to show in their regions.

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