Things you should consider before starting a Website

Here are Things you should consider before starting a Website / Blog

Are you about to kick off your blogging career ? If Yes, make sure you read to the end.

In this article, I will be explaining the does and don’t.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business:

1. What is Blogging ?.

Blogging is passing information or giving solutions to needs on the World wide web.

Now lets get back to you, “are you trying to pass information or solving a need.?”.

If No, then you should rethink if you actually want to go into the field.

Because if you aren’t giving value, no one will be interested in visiting your website / Blog.

2. What information(s) do you want to pass across or solution do you want to offer

This is a part where most people fail at as we mostly just create a website without knowing actually what we want to do with it.

When you’re starting your website, you should make sure that what you’re planning to do on it is something you have knowledge on.

However, you don’t want to create a website about medicine (for example) when you’re not even a chemist atleast.

Creating what is not in your field will make blogging hard and more stressful you as you wouldn’t know what to post about.

So, starting a niche you have knowledge on in is 100% advisable.

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3. Domain name for your website

Now that you know what blogging is and how to choose your niche, another thing you want to choose is domain name.

  • What is domain name ? Domain name is the name your website will bare, in other words, your brand name.

When choosing a domain name, you definitely don’t want to make mistakes as this will be the pass to your website.

Your domain has to be catchy and as short as possible, you don’t want to use a name that people wouldn’t remember two or three visits.

Having too long or complicated domain name can make you loose potential revisits, so be very careful with picking your name.

Remember it’s your brand, you don’t want to choose a wrong name.

Another thing is once you buy a domain name, you can not change it unless you buy another one.

Therefore, if you choose a wrong name, you’ll either have to use it that way and be in regret or you buy another one which is more expenses.

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