Top 10 recommended Advertising company in Africa 2022

Top Advertising company in Africa

With these Ads Network I’ll be recommending, your traffic source doesn’t really matter unlike foreign companies that demand higher organic traffic.

Although this doesn’t mean you can use bot traffic , self click or use other means to cheat your way through as you’ll be banned if noticed.

So, always keep things clean because no one will want their company to pay for service that wasn’t properly done.

However, these are all Ads network made and mostly owned by Africans.

Also, you don’t need to have huge traffic in other to use them but you definitely need huge traffic to earn alot.

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Below are the list I personal combined due to my experience with each company.

  1. Adsterra
  3. Clevernt
  4. Munchads
  5. NGadverts
  6. Intechads
  7. Pinpoint Africa media
  8. Seebait
  9. Adcolony
  10. Magenet

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