What to do when phone is lost or stolen

For your own safety, it is very important you know the things to do in case your phone get lost or stolen

Nobody will ever wish to lost his/her smartphone but, it is unfortunate that mistake have no master.

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We can’t predict what will become of our smartphone in the next few days.

You already know that knowledge is power, that is why you need to read this post till the end.

It will be bad if your phone is lost or stolen without knowing the things to do.

Failure to do the three things I will be sharing with you in this post has brought pains to many people when they lost their smartphone.

Thank God you are reading this post now.

Get me right, you may not lost your smartphone now but, this post will help you to assist your family and friends in case they lost their smartphone.

Deactivate your bank Account

Many people are victims of fraud today just because they lost their smartphone.

Mobile banking is on the rise as our smartphone is mostly linked to our bank account.

Contact your bank as soon as possible to deactivate your bank account.

The reason behind this is to be safe from fraud incase your phone get into someone else’s hands.

Inform you family and friends

There are instances where the person that picked a lost phone will call the Contacts on it, just to deceive them.

Don’t be a victim.

Tell the few people you can reach out to.

Call your Network Provider

Try to contact your network provider to deactivate your line immediately.

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Once your are done with that, go your nearest network provider office and request SIM retrieval process.


Smartphone is now part of our life in this century.

But what can someone do incase it get lost?

This post has provided the 3 things to do immediately you lost your phone.

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